Knotty but nice!

A life on the ocean wave has taught me a knot or two, but on my travels in Mexico I met a girl who was taking knots in string to a new level, creating fantastic pieces jewellery from her “studio” on the pavements of La Paz. Originally from Brazil, she was trying to make a better life for herself through her creations. Despite the harshness of her life, she wove love into each piece of jewellery she made and was happy to show me the basics, despite the language barrier. Her attitude to life was, and is, an inspiration to me. I think of her still and hope she fulfilled her dreams.

Using the basic techniques I learned on that street in Mexico, I now create various macrame designs including bracelets like those above. They are simple streams of colour with special beads, some from my travels and some from nature, but in all of them I try to keep the love flowing like the girl from Brazil.

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