New creations for the New Year.

Welcome to 2014. My first “New Year” in Helen’s Shed.

I would like to start the year by saying a big “Thank you” to the special people that helped me to revamp Helen’s Shed after the flood. Especially for the donations of carpet which has really finished the clean-up process, plus it stops the winter wind blowing up through the floorboards.

So far it has proved to be quite a wet and windy year which gives me a chance to knuckle down and get creating some new pieces without too much distraction from foraging for exciting driftwood or stocking up on pine needles. Mind you this is a great time of year to look for things on the beach so sometimes a little walk results in a special find, as well as blowing the cobwebs away.

I have created the pieces in the photo above with spring in mind, now that the days are starting to get longer.

The mirror below is full of great finds from my winter walks on the local beaches, plus one or two from the Bahamas for that exotic touch.



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