Cluster of boats at Felixstowe Ferry

Felixstowe ferry is a wonderful place to have a studio…or a day out.

Life is constantly flowing or ebbing with the tide, bringing inspirations from so many sources.

Fishermen tell tall tales of catches of old, whilst mending their nets or waiting for their next cup of tea. They love tea.

In winter people with yachts bustle around the boatyard, getting their boats perfect for the new season. Then in summer it’s time to load their dinghies with the essentials and head off for that weekend trip up the river. Sometimes I wonder the dinghies don’t sink from all the weight.

Then, of course, there is the natural world at ‘The Ferry’. Next time you visit see if you can find the wild fennel or camomile and watch the poppies dance in hidden corners in the boatyard. See if you can spot the seal who regularly plays in the river, or the oystercatchers dabbling in the mud. But mind those cheeky seagulls don’t steal your chips!


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